Monkey OG Feminized Seeds

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Monkey OG Feminized Seeds

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No matter how you look at it, Monkey OG Feminized is a powerhouse of mouth-watering tastes and mind-altering highs not particularly well suited for newbies and well-loved by seasoned smokers...

Beautifully Balanced Buds of Beneficial Banana Bliss


Bud Basics

The tropical and delectable hybrid lovechild of US strains Banana Kush and Banana OG, this Indica-leaning marijuana mama is a cornucopia of fruity cannabis flavors with an average THC strength of 26%.


No matter how you look at it, Monkey OG Feminized is a powerhouse of mouth-watering tastes and mind-altering highs not particularly well suited for newbies and well-loved by seasoned smokers.


A nighttime strain that’s potent in the extreme, this weed will overwhelm the taste buds with banana flavors and a hashy fragrance, and you’ll be delighting in her buds even before you light up. Once you do, the euphoric stimulation that overtakes your mind will set your brain racing in creative loops ideal for overcoming writer’s block and connecting you to the muses. All the while, your body will be blanketed in bliss as your muscles melt into the couch and you calm down to sleep.


This potency can be of great benefit for therapeutic tokers looking for pain relief, or freedom from the intrusive negativity that’s the result of stress, anxiety or depression.


Thankfully, Monkey OG Fem is simple to cultivate for growers with intermediate levels of experience and can produce plentiful yields of fragrant, frosty laden buds without too much effort - particularly with all-female seeds to remove the task of weeding out males.



Flavor and Fragrance of Monkey OG Feminized

Breaking apart these buds, it’s hard not to breathe deeply the deliciously tropical banana scent that’s released, beautifully balanced with undertones of grass and pine that amplify to a musty, earthen fragrance when ground.


Once you light up, you’ll find Monkey OG’s fruity flavor becomes Hash and incense-like, enveloping the palate in tastes that are particularly appealing to old-school tokers. That said, her smoke is thick and heavy, so small tokes and taking it slow is recommended to avoid an unwanted coughing fit.




Monkey OG Fem is a double whammy of head highs and body stone effects, both long-lasting and powerfully stimulating within a few minutes of taking that first toke.


She begins with the mind, inducing a state of euphoric pleasure that’s soon followed up with a relaxed and calm lethargy, that’s both tranquil and lazy. You’ll find yourself sitting down and sinking into your seat with this weed, and couch lock is not only common but highly likely.


While you kick back and chill out, positive thoughts and creativity will blossom in your mind, keeping you entertained if not artsy - you’ll struggle to stand up and get on with anything strenuous, no matter how the muses move you. Maybe make a note in your phone or keep a pen and paper nearby instead, so as not to lose out on those eureka moments.


As your mind begins to wind down, you’ll find the body-stone of Monkey OG deepens, drawing you down into a deep, restful state that soon turns to slumber by the time the high wears off.


Since this weed is potent as hell at 26% THC, low to moderate doses are advised if you want to make sure the experience is a pleasant one. A strain like that can quickly become overwhelming if you toke too much, and those with a low THC tolerance should perhaps find a milder strain rather than risk the adverse effects.


Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are likely, but overdoing it could lead to headaches, dizziness, heightened levels of anxiety and increased paranoia.



Medical Uses of Monkey OG Feminized

Whether fleeting or more chronic in nature, Monkey OG Feminized can provide potent therapeutic relief from ailments both psychological and physical, commonly consumed in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community to alleviate discomfort and the symptoms of migraines, arthritis, PMS and multiple sclerosis.


Due the mood-boosting and altering effects of this strain, she’s a sure win for those suffering with low mood or negative and intrusive thoughts as a result of anxiety, stress, depression and even bipolar disorder.


In addition, due to her sedating properties, this herb can lull even the most chronic insomnia patient off into a restful slumber. This makes it a particularly beneficial weed for those with PTSD.



Growing Monkey OG Feminized Seeds

Monkey OG Feminized’s foliage is thick and heavily-coated in trichomes that make her an excellent strain for growers looking to make hash from their crops. Crucially, her calyx to leaf ratio is ideal for easy manicuring of colas at harvest time, and her structure is compact, with plenty of the lateral branching that’s characteristic of Indica strains.


Since her leafage is fairly dense, some serious care is required when it comes to pruning and trimming, as she’ll need attending to in order to optimize airflow and light penetration. Removing any unnecessary fan leaves and side branches is essential in order for her to thrive, and conditions must remain optimal: temperatures should sit between 21° and 26°C at all times, and her environment must be kept dry.


A Sea of Green (SoG) setup will help to maximize yields in a limited space, and if well cared for Monkey OG will flower for 8 to 9 weeks before producing a tasty yield of around 400 grams of tropical nugs.


If you prefer to grow this fruity lady outdoors, a Mediterranean climate is ideal, as this is a weed (like most) that loves the sunshine. She’ll do well in California, parts of Southern Europe and Australia, and in the northern hemisphere, harvest time falls around October time.


Her colas are at their ripest when around half of her trichomes have turned milky or frosty white in color, and she can provide a yield of up to 450 grams per plant outdoors.




If a soaring high is what you’re after, why look further than Monkey OG Feminized, by far one of the most potent strains available and an excellent choice of weed to toke before bedtime.


Capable of inducing euphoric highs that stimulate the mind toward creative thinking, you’ll still struggle to get much farther than your phone to write down those breakthroughs, as this body-stone is deeply relaxing, and will have you sinking into the couch like it’s a hot, steamy bath.


Abundant with notes of tropical banana fruits, this pot's particularly effective at treating insomnia, since even seasoned smokers are likely to be off to dreamland by the time this high winds down - but she’s got other therapeutic benefits too. Her uplifting, positive high makes her a great ganja for alleviating mental ailments such as stress and anxiety, and she’s a decent pain reliever as well.


Growing Monkey OG Fem is made easier with feminized seeds, but still requires a medium level of experience in order to manage. Growing laterally, her Indica structure lends itself well to training techniques, but the most important thing is to ensure she’s well-trimmed so that her temperature, airflow and light penetration can be optimal at all times. Get this down, and you’ll be reaping hefty rewards.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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