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Nicole Kush Feminized Seeds

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Dank and delicious with a sweet berry fragrance and undertones of spicy Hash flavors, this weed is the result of breeding between the already epic Kosher Kush and Nicole strains, rocking in at up to 25% THC content...

More Head Highs than a Multi-Headed Hydra


Bud Basics

Amsterdam bred and Indica-dominant, Nicole Kush Feminized is the perfect hybrid strain for tokers looking to chill out at the end of a busy day.


Dank and delicious with a sweet berry fragrance and undertones of spicy Hash flavors, this weed is the result of breeding between the already epic Kosher Kush and Nicole strains, rocking in at up to 25% THC content with highs that can easily overwhelm if you don’t consume this cannabis with care.


Introspective and a tad spacey, the uplifting cerebral high that Nicole Kush provides is a lesson in pleasant self-reflection, ideal as an end of the day or nighttime strain due to her relaxing body-buzz and serious calming properties. As her high winds down, expect to be lulled gently to sleep, sedated by the mellow drowsiness she brings on.


Such an herb was bound to be beneficial as a therapeutic strain, and these buds can reliably relieve pain from a variety of concerns, from migraines to multiple sclerosis. As for mental health issues, Nicole Kush Fem has you covered, alleviating the distressing and intrusive symptoms of stress, depression and more.


Those planning to cultivate this cannabis will find that she’s not quite the same as most Indica plants - though that doesn’t mean she’s difficult to manage. Her shape and size lend themselves well to training techniques that involve multiplying her colas, meaning yield size is increased even as you manage her.


All-female, the most complex part of rearing Nicole Kush is keeping her environment in check, and even those with little experience of growing ganja should be able to effectively maintain this plant.



Flavor and Fragrance of Nicole Kush Feminized

Fresh, complex and sweet, Nicole Kush Feminized is bursting with mouthatering zesty berry flavors, tempered to perfection by the dank and earthy pine notes provided by her Kosher Kush genetics.




A fast-hitting herb that intensifies almost as quickly as it kicks in, Nicole Kush lifts you and your mood right into the stratosphere in an uplifting, euphoric high. Inducing a mental state that’s free from worries and characterized by an all-encompassing sense of happiness and positivity, this is a particularly upbeat high, to be sure.


Once the spacey and distant cerebral effects have nicely set in, you’ll find your body blanketed in a sense of relaxation that spreads down your spine to every part of you to provide a profound feeling of pleasure - and maybe a touch of the giggles.


As the head-high brought on by Nicole Kush Fem continues to strengthen, a deep internal awareness will begin, pushing you to turn your attention inwards and setting you on a path of introspection. Self-contemplation and honesty become the characterizing features here and should be enjoyed while stationary, seated or lying comfortably, since this body-stone lends itself to lethargy and eventually, sleep.


Nicole Kush is best used as a nighttime strain, as the drowsiness she encourages is great for finishing off a long and tiring day, sweeping you into a slumber that rests both the mind and the body.


With most strains of cannabis, dry eyes and cottonmouth are a possibility - and this weed is no exception to the rule. Ensuring you remain hydrated, and keeping a glass of water nearby, should alleviate this somewhat. If the dose is too high or you’re particularly sensitive to THC then there may be more adverse side effects such as dizziness, headaches, heightened anxiety or increased paranoia. If this occurs, switch to a milder strain.



Medical Uses of Nicole Kush Feminized

Since smoking this herb recreationally or for her medicinal benefits, Nicole Kush Fem’s high manifests in much the same way, you can be assured that alongside your therapy, you’ll find yourself able to ride the high in enjoyment.


Boasting antidepressant and anxiolytic properties, this marijuana is mighty at improving mood and capable of ushering out negative, intrusive thoughts to introduce more upbeat feelings and emotions. Due to this, she provides a well-deserved escape from the symptoms of various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder.


As a pain reliever, Nicole Kush Feminized has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that provide respite from pain and swelling. This herb can alleviate (albeit temporarily) the agonizing symptoms associated with headaches, migraines, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and PMS.


Once the high begins to settle down, most tokers will find a level of drowsiness that takes over their body, and in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community this can be utilized for the treatment of fatigue and insomnia, inducing restorative and restful sleep.



Growing Nicole Kush Feminized Seeds

Most Indica-heavy strains tend towards a tree-like form with one singular apical cola, much like the classic image of a Christmas tree. Nicole Kush Feminized is an exception to this, instead, growing more like a wild bush with many clusters of buds - think Medusa or a hydra. Due to this, this plant can be trained to produce more colas, resulting in a bigger harvest.


With lots of thick foliage and broad, green fan leaves, some trimming is required to ensure this plant receives adequate air circulation, light penetration, and can effectively use her energy and nutrients for growth. As such, trim back any non-producing branches and dead or dying leaves.


A Screen of Green (SCROG) setup can work well with Nicole Kush, despite being more commonly used on taller plants. This weed will grow no taller than 90 centimeters, but the technique works to provide support to the many heads of the plant to boost her bud-growing potential.


Since these seeds are already feminized, there’s no need to weed out male plants to prevent pollination, and each plant should produce lots of lovely, lumpy, olive nugs.


A controlled setting for this plant should include a balmy temperature of 21° to 21°C, and a regulated moisture level - particularly during the 8 to 9 weeks in which she’s fruiting. To begin with (the first 6 weeks) opt for a Relative Humidity (RH) level of 40% to 50%, bringing this down to between 30% and 40% for the last two weeks. Stick to this, and yields should be between 450 and 600 grams per square meter.


Harvests should be around the same amount when growing Nicole Kush outdoors - ideally in a pleasant Mediterranean climate. She’ll grow in cooler climates too, but is unlikely to yield quite so many nugs. Either way, in the northern hemisphere harvest time falls around the end of September.




Potent with plenty of THC and heady with highs that are spacey, introspective and excellent for chilling out at the end of the day, Nicole Kush Feminized is a choice strain for experienced members of the cannabis community that want bang for their buck (but may not have the growing expertise for a more complex plant).


Bursting with zesty berry flavors and balanced with dank earthy notes, it’s hard not to enjoy this herb. Within a few tokes, this hard-hitter will have you kicking back and filled with positivity as you look inward to your own soul in some serious self-examination. As body-stones go, this is the very definition, and while you explore your inner-self, your limbs will melt down into relaxing bliss.


This calming high can be great as a therapeutic tool, and is effective at alleviating many symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. A bud with many benefits, she can provide pain relief for many physical concerns too, mitigating migraine, arthritis, PMS and multiple sclerosis among others. Which is why growing her at home can be a great move!


Home cannabis cultivators will find Nicole Kush Fem to be a worry and hassle-free strain to grow. Particularly receptive to a SCROG technique, the many-headed nature of this weed makes her a great choice for decent yields and she’s not too difficult to manage in a controlled environment. Outdoors growers will have smaller yields, provided she’s grown in a suitable climate.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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