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Northern Critical Feminized Seeds

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The exultant hybrid that is Northern Critical Feminized might be less well known than her parent strains, but still packs the punch the 420 community tends to look for in an exemplary cannabis...

A Heavenly Herb of Ethereal Euphoria


Bud Basics

The exultant hybrid that is Northern Critical Feminized might be less well known than her parent strains, but still packs the punch the 420 community tends to look for in an exemplary cannabis.


Drawing her ability to produce enormous yields of humongous nugs from parent Critical Mass, this weed also boasts dreamy, blissful and euphoric highs - just like her other parent, Northern Lights. Removing the need to choose between two of the top Indica strains available, Northern Critical has it all.


Releasing aromas of damp and musky earth with zesty notes, this herb will delight your taste buds before you even light up. But combusting this pot is the perfect reprieve from the daily stressors of life, fast-acting and hard-hitting enough to whip you into a psychoactive happy place before you’ve had time to get comfortable in your chair.


Since she’s Indica-heavy, Northern Critical lets you kick back and relax by working the kinks from every muscle, releasing tension and soothing you down to a drowsy state in no time.


As a medical strain, this marijuana can work wonders for sufferers of anxiety or depression, and ease pain and everyday aches for those struggling with a variety of painful physical ailments.


Thankfully, her potent therapeutic properties can be easily obtained by even the most inexperienced of growers, as these feminized seeds are sheer satisfaction to cultivate. Yields are hefty (particularly if grown outdoors) and her buds are top-notch - all you have to do is a little pruning and environmental control and she’ll flourish.



Flavor and Fragrance of Northern Critical Feminized

Picking apart the enormous nugs of Northern Critical Fem releases the dank, musky scent of damp earth, blended with a zesty citrus note.


Once inhaled, this aroma turns to a sweet-sour fruit flavor that’s underpinned with the classic spicy kick you’d expect of a hybrid that includes Northern Lights in the parental mix.




Find yourself getting home from work and ready to collapse? The day-to-day drudgery of life can bring on all sorts of stress and fatigue, but luckily for the cannabis community, Northern Critical Feminized is around to provide much-needed respite.


With only a few hits, this herb can provide long-lasting relief in the form of glorious euphoria. Via hard-hitting effects, this pot’s psychoactive influence grants bliss and happiness that makes for hours of happiness, without the weight of the world to worry about.


Since Northern Critical is mostly Indica, these effects don’t take long to set in, and within minutes of that first toke, you’ll start to feel it. Beginning in the temples and working its way gradually down your spine to spread to your whole body, a strong sense of calmness will loosen up your limbs, releasing stress and tension from taut muscles to remove the pressure that builds up day by day.


Not long after this happens, you’ll begin to feel drowsier, and curling up to sleep will seem particularly appealing. Don’t try to resist this sensation - just ride the wave of sleepiness as it lulls you down to deep, restful sleep.


Given the effects of Northern Critical Feminized’s high, you’ve likely already realized that there’s a possibility of adverse side effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the norm, but will likely dissipate if you make sure to stay hydrated as you toke. Of course, overindulging (or sensitivity to THC) can also trigger more serious reactions, such as dizziness, aggravated anxiety of heightened paranoia. Keep your dose moderate to avoid this.



Medical Uses of Northern Critical Feminized

A potent medicinal strain as well as an excellent recreational one, Northern Critical Feminized can provide relief from a variety of maladies - physical or mental.


Boasting anxiolytic and antidepressant properties, this hybrid is a reliable respite for those suffering from anxiety disorders, stress and depression. Normalizing neurotransmitter levels, this weed will induce a feeling of euphoria that negates feelings of negativity and low mood.


For chronic pain, the combination of sedating effects and potent analgesic properties in Northern Critical makes for a brilliantly beneficial therapeutic effect, working to relieve symptoms of headaches, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.


Many in the medical marijuana (MMJ) community struggle with fatigue or insomnia, and as such this pot can solve the lot - inducing drowsiness, the muscle-relaxing properties of this weed can bring forth deep and restorative sleep for any tokers.



Growing Northern Critical Feminized Seeds

A medium-sized strain of up to 100 centimeters, Northern Critical Feminized sports a generous amount of lateral branches, making her easy to cultivate and manage indoors or in a grow tent by utilizing a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup. All-fem seeds also simplify your setup, reducing the requirement to weed out males from your batch and prevent pollination.


Keep temperatures between 21° and 27°C for optimal conditions, and Relative Humidity (RH) levels should sit between 40% and 50% - she’s already resilient to mold and pathogen attacks, but since the internodal spacing is sparse on this plant, you’ll still need to prune her foliage once in a while to prevent mold.


As for substrates, we’d recommend hydroponics for explosive growth, or organic soil if you’re looking to up your terp (terpenes) game - either way, 18 to 20 hours of light from an LED/HPS grow lamp (between 600 or 1000 watts) is a must to up the vegetative growth.


With plenty of nutrients and TLC, the nugs on Northern Critical Fem can grow surprisingly large and dense, and as such their weight can pull down branches that are properly reinforced and supported. This is good news for your harvest though, as those tasty nugs will be ready after 7 or 8 weeks of flowering, providing you with a yield of around 550 grams per square meter.


If that yield size isn’t quite enough for you, then growing Northern Critical outdoors might be your preferred option. In a Mediterranean-style environment that’s warm with plenty of sunshine, this plant will thrive particularly well to produce up to 900 grams of sticky nugs per plant. Harvest is around the first week of October.




Northern Critical Feminized has the potential to blow up in the cannabis community, with legendary lineage and highs and flavors that are hard to resist. A heavenly herb with earthy and citrus notes even before you light up, the ethereal euphoria these buds provide once you do will have you going back for more every time.


As a medical strain, Northern Critical holds her own as a pain-reliever, but is well worth a try for the relief of psychological symptoms too, having been found to be effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Since her yield size is hefty even when grown indoors, this weed is not to be missed - and is an especially good choice for those new to cannabis cultivating wanting to develop their skills.


She’s resilient, but still requires a little pruning, so great for learning some tricks if you’re a beginner. Environment-wise, temperatures and humidity levels are about average, so she’s ideal for setting up a grow room that works for other strains too. But even those with more experience will enjoy the process of managing a plant as hassle-free as Northern Critical Fem.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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