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Pure Haze Feminized has a reputation that precedes her, both for the very best and very worst of reasons. Regardless of your perspective, this pot's power in the cannabis community is indisputable, as one of the highest THC strains available and...

A Psychedelic Pain in the Ass That’s 100% Worth It


Bud Basics

A Sativa-leaning hybrid strain with vague and unknown origins, most are in agreement that Pure Haze Feminized must be descended from landrace strains, Mexican, Thai, Colombian and Indian.


Wherever she truly came from, this pot is particularly well endowed when it comes to THC. Here we have an average of between 21% and 25%, and an otherworldly, hazy and psychedelic high that’s quite the cerebral experience - and long-lasting too.


Thanks to the tiniest amount of Indica in her make-up, Pure Haze’s potpourri flavor won’t overwhelm tokers or induce hyperactivity, as she’s perfectly tempered to keep you mentally agile and fully physically functioning while you enjoy the tranquility she brings.


Perhaps it’s this combination of effects that makes this herb so well-loved by medical users. Or perhaps it’s her potent pain-relieving properties and her ability to uplift even the lowest of moods to bring on a brighter, happier outlook.


Some in the cannabis community believe that Pure Haze Fem almost went extinct not long after she was initially bred, likely due to her incredibly challenging nature.


Even the most experienced cultivators will find this a finicky strain to grow, with minutely specific growth requirements, an intolerant nature and an unusually long flowering time combining to make her a royal pain in the ass. Still, these genetics have been preserved and feminized to ease the burden on growers. As a bonus, thanks to a few improvements in her growth patterns, she’s become a high-yielding strain that’s entirely worth the effort.



Flavor and Fragrance of Pure Haze Feminized

The aroma of Pure Haze Feminized is both sweet and herbal, fragrant with notes of earth, pine and citrus that combine to create a scent that’s much like potpourri.


In flavor, these buds are a little spicier, with a fruitier note to their sweetness that serves to emphasize the earthiness in the aftertaste.




Like most Haze strains, Pure Haze Feminized is well-loved for her ability to induce a strong and long-lasting cerebral effect with just a few tokes. Sativa-leaning, a hit or two is enough to fuel you through a full day with an out-of-this-world boost to your energy levels, sure to bring on creativity and enhance your focus in a combination that heightens motivation and productivity.


If low mood is your problem, then Pure Haze is there to lighten your load with her soaring euphoric effects that set the mind basking in bliss and positivity. Since she’s such a mood-booster, this herb’s a choice strain for social occasions, as she’ll release you from your inhibitions and initiate a chatty and friendly demeanor that goes down well at parties.


Since there’s a little bit of Indica in this weed, Pure Haze (while not powerful enough to sedate you) can fill you with an inner tranquility and calmness that manifests as an added mellowness: just enough to bar you from hyperactivity and the jitters.


As this ganja goes right up to 24% THC content, moderation is advised to avoid adverse reactions that are more severe than the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth (which can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water). In higher doses, for newbies or for those with a THC sensitivity, this pot can trigger heightened anxiety or paranoia, and should be avoided or swapped out for a less potent strain.



Medical Uses of Pure Haze Feminized

In addition to her wondrously psychoactive high, Pure Haze Feminized can also hold her own as a medical strain, and is loved by the medicinal marijuana community for her potent therapeutic effects on both physical and psychological ailments.


As a Sativa-heavy mood-enhancer, this strain can quickly work to alleviate melancholy mood and intrusive thoughts, working as a viable alternative to OTC prescribed medication to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder.


As Pure Haze’s high is long-lasting, so are her medicinal effects, including her analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Providing relief for such conditions as migraines, backache, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, this pot can be consumed by patients on a regular basis for long-term relief of chronic pain, without the negative side effects associated with opioids and NSAIDs.



Growing Pure Haze Feminized Seeds

First things first, Pure Haze Feminized is a unique and exceptional strain by any account, but she’s not one for newbies. Temperamental and challenging even in comparison to other Haze strains, this ganja takes some work, some patience and extensive experience to manage correctly.


As far as environmental conditions go, this plant is fussy as hell. She prefers to be cultivated outdoors, in a warm and tropical climate with plenty of exposure to the sunshine. Anything less than this could affect the yield, and so if that description doesn’t perfectly describe your locale, then look to indoor growing to manage every tiny aspect of her environment.


Even indoors, Pure Haze Fem can be tricky. She’s a tall and lanky strain at up to 200 centimeters in height and requires ample vertical growing space if you’re not familiar with training techniques. We’d recommend looking into height-curbing techniques such as scrogging to keep her under control.


On the plus side, this plant is resistant to mites and molds, but will still require proper manicuring to ensure that she receives the correct penetration of light and air to her foliage. She also responds well to high-stress training (HST) techniques such as topping and pruning, which would encourage her to grow laterally and boost productivity by increasing bud sites.


When choosing the substrate for Pure Haze Feminized, hydroponics is our first recommendation, as this is the best choice for speeding up her growth rate, since she’s famously slow at flowering, and sometimes takes up to 21 weeks. However, your patience will be well rewarded. Once she’s ready for harvesting, indoor growers will find she yields around 500 grams per square meter of sticky, dense nugs. Outdoors growers will be just as pleased with their results, yielding around 600 grams per plant around December time.




Pure Haze Feminized has a reputation that precedes her, both for the very best and very worst of reasons. Regardless of your perspective, this pot's power in the cannabis community is indisputable, as one of the highest THC strains available and boasting a whole host of recreational and therapeutic effects.


With herbal, citrus flavors and an utterly ethereal high, tokers wishing to cultivate Pure Haze will soon learn that you don’t get the best Sativa Haze strain in existence without some serious effort. Medical tokers might love this herb’s mood-boosting and pain-relieving properties, but her growth traits come with a side of hassle. The question for you, is… how can you pass up the fuss, when she’s high yielding and just so damn excellent?

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthDecember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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