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Equally split between Indica and Sativa, and well-balanced in her effects, Rosetta Stone Feminized walks the line between blissful mental clarity, and deep body relaxation to provide a high that’s energizing, invigorating and yet calming too...

Blissful Balanced Buds

Bud Basics

Equally split between Indica and Sativa, and well-balanced in her effects, Rosetta Stone Feminized walks the line between blissful mental clarity, and deep body relaxation to provide a high that’s energizing, invigorating and yet calming too.

Bred from the elite genetics combination of White Widow and Ginger Ale, this herb exhibits the copious yield size and huge, dense buds of the latter and the prolific resin production of the former.

Her earthy, citrus nugs break apart to reveal subtle aromas that turn sweet upon combustion and induce heady cerebral effects to enhance your mood and hone your mind. Meanwhile, 19% THC sweeps in with Indica-grace and soothes each and every limb and ligament to calm you and fill tokers with a sense of tranquility.

As a medical strain, Rosetta Stone Fem continues to exhibit her well-balanced effects, capable of easing stress and anxiety, calming hyperactivity in ADD and ADHD, and soothing the body with her pain-relieving properties.

For cultivators, growing this plant is a simple enough affair, as she’s mainly Indica in structure and a great strain for indoor growers. Her shape tends a little toward Sativa, meaning some trimming is required to keep her in check. Overall, a little environmental control and a moderate level of experience is enough to ensure this herb's hefty all-fem yields grow well.

Flavor and Fragrance of Rosetta Stone Feminized

In aroma, the buds of Rosetta Stone Feminized break apart to reveal notes of citrus and earth, underpinned with a herbal, ginger scent that’s subtle and inviting. Once inhaled, the smooth smoke coats the palate with faint notes of berry and apricot that are strangely supported with a diesel kick that turns spicy on the exhale.


Equally Sativa and Indica in her make-up, Rosetta Stone Fem carries this balance through to her effects, ideal for invigorating the mind while calming the body. A few tokes of this weed will clear your mind with a heady and cerebral euphoria that well represents her 19% THC content.

By enhancing your mood and boosting your focus, this herb fuels the mind with an unparalleled vigor that provides motivation and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

All the while, the Indica side of this pot works to relax the muscles and soothe your body of tension and fatigue, spreading a feeling of tranquility throughout your limbs without locking you to the couch. Provided that doses are kept moderate, that is.

Since Rosetta Stone is a potent strain for bringing on the hunger pangs, we’d recommend you feed the munchies with plenty of snacks, as you’ll find yourself suddenly ravenous right before those Sativa effects turn more bodily.

Like many strains, over-consuming can lead to adverse effects that are considerably more uncomfortable than the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. In larger doses, this herb will incite anxiety and increase paranoia, and therefore should be enjoyed in moderation and avoided by those with a sensitivity to THC.

Medical Uses of Rosetta Stone Feminized

Aside from her recreational purposes, Rosetta Stone Feminized can be utilized as a therapeutic strain for the benefit of those with both physiological and psychological health concerns.

Due to the uplifting cerebral effects of this strain, you’ll find a few tokes of this pot significantly changes your mood, lifting you out of the darkness and into the light to alleviate low mood and intrusive thoughts.

The euphoric effects of Rosetta Stone can work to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and mental fatigue, and can provide much-needed clarity to remedy hyperactivity in those with ADHD and other attention deficit disorders.

This well-balanced strain also boasts a more physical side and is great ganja for relaxing the body of muscle tension and fatigue.

This pot functions as a potent natural alternative for those struggling with such conditions as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, spasticity and arthritis, to relieve pain. Additionally, this weed can mitigate headaches, migraine and cramps due to her analgesic and muscle-relaxant properties.

Some tokers have also reported that Rosetta Stone Fem can help to manage conditions such as glaucoma, and can fend off nausea.

Growing Rosetta Stone Feminized Seeds

Generally more Indica-leaning in her growth characteristics, Rosetta Stone Feminized is short and stocky with a height that rarely reaches above 120 centimeters, making her a simple strain to manage indoors as very little vertical space is required.

Since she’s naturally compact, she has a short life cycle and takes less time to reach maturity than many strains. Don't worry, this doesn’t compromise the quality or quantity. These buds remain massive, and heavily coated in trichomes.

Rosetta Stone Fem’s Sativa side makes itself known in the form of sparse internodal spacing and long, thin leaves. Still, these babies require regular trimming and pruning to ensure that airflow and light exposure remain optimal, and to prevent bud rot by retaining ideal Relative Humidity (RH) levels. As such, it’s easier to control the environment of this plant if she’s grown indoors.

Your grow room should retain a temperature of between 20° and 21°C, with RH levels sitting between 40% and 50% at all times. A Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) setup can work to speed up this plant’s vegetative phase, maximize light exposure to the budding sites and ultimately improve the final yield size, though both methods depend on the desired outcome.

SOG is better to properly use your space, but SCROG will increase lateral growth and encourage more budding sites. Either way, cultivators must ensure that the plants aren’t overcrowded, as this could lead to moisture retention.

Rosetta Stone needs to be exposed to a 600-watt HPS/LED grow lamp for around 18 to 20 hours each day, and should yield around 450 grams of sticky nugs following 7 to 8 weeks of flowering. For outdoor growers, yields could be as high as 900 grams of nugs per plant, but this is only likely in warm, dry, Mediterranean-like climates.


Balanced and versatile, Rosetta Stone Feminized is a sturdy specimen with a broad fan base, since her psychoactive recreational effects are just as appealing as her medicinal properties to the right audience.

An exquisite experience for cannabis connoisseurs across the globe, these buds break apart to entice you with earthy fresh aromas that just begs to be combusted. Once you inhale, your mind is cleared instantly and your mood is uplifted as Rosetta Stone smooths the kinks from your brain and your body. This invigorating effect is ideal for MMJ fans looking to treat psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression but is also relaxing enough to temporarily resolve painful issues such as migraines and cramps.

Growing these feminized seeds is a hassle-free affair. Though some moderate experience is needed to really get the best from Rosetta Stone Fem, she’ll flourish easily enough provided her environment is controlled. Keep her warm and dry, well-trimmed and give her a little TLC, and her fast flowering time will reward you with an abundance of dense, sticky nugs.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)