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Typically testing for around 22% THC, this herb has the power and punch needed to make light work of the cares of the day. Incapacitating when consumed in high quantities, this pot's the perfect nightcap and just the thing to set you up for a fantastic day tomorrow... 

Your New Favorite Nightcap

Bud Basics

Looking for the perfect smoke to wind down after a busy day? The perfect after-dinner strain to gradually ease you towards a good night’s sleep? Look no further than Tahoe Kush – a well-balanced hybrid with more than enough THC to satisfy even the biggest appetites. For the record, this new-generation masterpiece came about by combining the genetics of OG Kush and SFV OG.

Leaning slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, Tahoe Kush Feminized has moments of pure relaxation written all over. Combining the best of both worlds, an initial cerebral uplift is quickly followed by a blissful sense of contentment and lingering drowsiness.

Typically testing for around 22% THC, this herb has the power and punch needed to make light work of the cares of the day. Incapacitating when consumed in high quantities, this pot's the perfect nightcap and just the thing to set you up for a fantastic day tomorrow.

Given time to cure and mature, Tahoe Kush Feminized buds emit an intoxicating citrus-pine fragrance with a hint of peppery spice. Easy to grow and comparatively small in size, this ganja's a great choice for novice cultivators looking to make the best possible use of all available space.

As this is the feminized version of the strain, you won’t have to worry about male plants posing a threat to your flowering females. Each of which could potentially reward you with as much as 12oz of sweet and sticky weed, which should keep you going for some time to come.

Flavor and Fragrance of Tahoe Kush Feminized

A staple on the scene in California, Tahoe Kush is known for her fantastically fresh and fruity fragrance. The aroma is dominated by sweet and sour citrus, with plenty of pine freshness and just a touch of peppery spice in the background.

This is just about as potent a specimen as quality cannabis gets, making it difficult to keep theis weed under wraps. Something that counts double when the buds and broken and burned, resulting in a smoke that burrows deep into every hard and soft surface in the vicinity.

It’s a slightly more complex affair on the palate, with a taste that combines pine freshness, moist earth and a hint of sandalwood in the background. The aftertaste following the exhale blends sweet citrus with exotic spice – often with just the mildest note of hashish. The smoke itself is smooth and by no means cough-inducing, though really does stink to high heaven.

Some of the subtler nuances of the strain can be picked out and identified by vaping, but this is an old-school classic you have to smoke the old-fashioned way to truly appreciate.


Though this ganja's genetics are relatively well-balanced, Tahoe Kush has an effect that leans heavily towards Indica territory. It’s a true ‘best of both worlds’ experience, though one that hits particularly hard in a physical sense.

Packing a THC content of around 22%, you only need a couple of deep tokes to get a feel for what this strain is all about. The immediate sensation is one of soaring euphoria, blasting every semblance of negativity out of contention and making you feel fantastic.

Tahoe Kush puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step, irrespective of how lousy your day has been so far.

This initial energizing uplift continues for a good 90 minutes or so, before gradually giving way to an extremely heavy and incapacitating body stone. The sense of happiness and contentment lingers throughout, coupled with a feeling of sheer bone-idleness and inevitable couchlock. After which, it’s only a matter of time until you are slowly lulled into a great night’s sleep.

Timing is therefore of the essence when putting this pot through its paces, as getting things done further into the ride is practically impossible. Precisely why this herb is such a popular choice for winding down after a busy day, or setting you up for the kind of sleep that makes for a fantastic morning to come.

Medical Uses of Tahoe Kush Feminized

This is a strain with broad and diverse medical applications, courtesy of a powerful two-stage high. Immediately after those first few tokes, Tahoe Kush Feminized gets to work on negativity, pessimism and stress with a burst of optimistic energy and soaring euphoria.

Mild to moderate depression and anxiety are no match for this well-balanced hybrid, which has you feeling on top of the world in seconds and hold you there for the duration.

However, it’s important to factor those slightly Indica-heavy genetics into the equation. The reason being that give things an hour or two and a prolonged period of incapacitation is on the cards. Just the thing for getting to grips with everyday aches and pains, as Tahoe Kush gently soothes and numbs the body from head to toe. If you’re feeling wound up and finding it difficult to relax, a few hits of this herb and you’re good to go.

After a few hours, these buds ease you towards a good night’s sleep – ideal for combating insomnia and general sleep disorders. Mild cases of the munchies can be expected along the way, but not on such a level as to be uncontrollable or insatiable.

Tahoe Kush has the potential to be an exceptionally versatile therapeutic cannabis strain, though should be approached with caution by novice users. Though not the hardest-hitting strain out there, 22% THC is more than enough to overwhelm the uninitiated.

Growing Tahoe Kush Feminized Seeds

Home growers will typically find Tahoe Kush Feminized a relatively straightforward strain to go. She's also a surprisingly obedient strain, in that she can be trained to suit her surroundings accordingly.

Left to their own devices, plants exceeding six feet in height are the norm. Nevertheless, get serious with the pruning and it’s perfectly possible to keep this hybrid to a controllable size indoors.

For the best possible results, you’ll want to recreate the sunny weather and long days of the Mediterranean. Tahoe Kush Feminized isn’t a strain that’s sensitive to the occasional cold snap, but nonetheless needs plenty of sunshine to produce the best possible results. You’ll also need to keep a close eye on the buds, which due to their exceptional density can be susceptible to mold.

Other than this, there’s really not a great deal to it. Quality soil, plenty of nutrients and around 10 weeks to flower, after which you could be looking at anything up to 14oz of cannabis from every single plant. Odor control measures should be considered if growing indoors, as she's a fairly potent specimen when approaching maturity.

Likewise, you’ll want to think carefully about where you sow your seeds outdoors, as the scent tends to travel surprisingly long distances on the breeze.


Worthy of her critical acclaim and international fame, Tahoe Kush pairs fantastic flavor with a consistently elevated THC content of around 22%. Though balanced in her genetic composition, this herb's effects lean largely towards Indica-dominance. An initial cerebral uplift followed by incapacitation and blissful drowsiness – all making for the perfect end-of-day smoke.

Asking very little and offering a ton in return, Tahoe Kush Feminized is a straightforward specimen to grow that thrives in warm and sunny conditions. Indoor cultivation is possible with careful and continuous pruning, though this is a strain that really needs limitless vertical space to do its thing. Find an ideal spot outdoors and harvests of 14oz per plant aren’t off the cards.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)