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Triangle Kush delivers the kind of narcotic-level body stone you have to experience to appreciate, making this ganja great for moments of pure self-indulgence. These buds also have a long list of potential medical applications...

The East Coast’s Finest

Bud Basics

Hailing from the Emerald Triangle - the area between the cities of Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa - Triangle Kush Feminized is an uncompromising strain to approach with caution. Best avoided entirely by newcomers, this hard-hitting specimen routinely tests for an average THC content of 26%. When combined with approximately 85% Indica genetics, this makes for a narcotic-quality body stone that lingers for hours on end.

A staple in recreational or medicinal cannabis circles on the East Coast, Triangle Kush was engineered with nothing but relaxation and self-indulgence in mind. A direct descendant of the legend that is OG Kush, this cannabis consistently ranks as one of the highest THC strains money can buy.

Don't let that fool you into thinking she's even close to a one-trick pony – pick up on the sweet and sour scent of this herb and you’ll know what makes her such a superstar on the scene.

Combining notes of pine, citrus and wet earth, the most irresistible aroma sucks you in from a mile away. After which, that legendary THC content takes care of the rest. Not what you’d call an ideal daytime smoke or productivity strain, just a handful of tokes is more than enough to have you flat on your back for the duration. All the while coupled with a beaming smile and a head full of happy thoughts.

Triangle Kush Feminized isn’t a particularly easy strain to grow and needs carefully controlled conditions to do her thing. She's also not the most generous strain in terms of output, though you don’t need much to have the desired effect. This cannabis calls for patience, persistence and perseverance, rewarding experienced growers with stunning plants and super-sticky buds after around 12 weeks.

Flavor and Fragrance of Triangle Kush Feminized

High in myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene, this herb hits the nose with a strikingly sour fragrance with a distinct undertone of diesel. Pungent in the extreme, this fragrance permeates everything in the vicinity the moment the jar is opened. It’s practically impossible to keep this weed under wraps – more so when the buds are combusted.

Set light to Triangle Kush and the whole thing explodes with masses of peppery spice and sharp citrus, coupled with enticing floral notes and classic dankness. The smoke itself has a tendency to be somewhat harsh and cough-inducing – often challenging for novice smokers to handle. 

The aftertaste is everything you’d expect from quality Kush cannabis – dank, spicy, dry and with notes of hashish which linger for hours. Some of the strain’s floral notes can be picked up on more distinctly when vaped.


Two things need to be taken into account before trying your luck with Triangle Kush. The first of which being that with 85% Indica composition, this isn't what you’d call a particularly productive or energizing smoke. Hence, appropriate timing is of the essence.

Second, this is a powerhouse strain of epic proportions with a THC content that routinely reaches (or even exceeds) 26%. Even if you’ve a fairly decent THC tolerance, this can still be more than enough to push you over the edge.

Still, if you’re completely confident you can handle it, this ganja guarantees one hell of a ride. It’s more or less an all-Indica experience, though begins with the kind of soaring headrush you’d associate with quality Sativa. You’re propelled into a higher state of consciousness and overwhelmed with dizzying euphoria, which can make it difficult to stay on your feet.

If the initial soaring uplift doesn’t knock you flat on your back, the resulting body stone will do the trick. Give things just 20 or 30 minutes and Triangle Kush Feminized gets to work on the entire body with an anesthetic-like numbness.

The feeling of heaviness this stuff brings on has to be experienced to be believed, making it difficult to lift so much as a finger for the next few hours. This can prove particularly challenging when the munchies kick in, which they will – big time.

Clearing your schedule before experimenting with this weed is a must, as eventual unconsciousness is inevitable.

Medical Uses of Triangle Kush Feminized

The mood-boosting properties of Triangle Kush can be great for dealing with everyday stress, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Nevertheless, the therapeutic applications for this Indica-heavy strain are almost exclusively physical in nature. With a THC content that often exceeds 26%, just a few modest tokes are more than enough to incapacitate you for the duration.

As an organic painkiller, this pot is pretty much in a league of its own. Minutes into the experience, the entire body is warmed, relaxed and numbed on a narcotic level. Remaining upright simply isn’t an option – couch-lock being more or less inevitable.

Severe and chronic pain conditions are no match for this herb, which is a popular choice among patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines.

Unsurprisingly, these buds are also just about as good as it gets for the alleviation of occasional insomnia and similar sleep disorders. Sooner or later, the high inevitably graduates towards hopeless drowsiness, subsequently bringing on a spell of long and uninterrupted sleep.

Anyone struggling with nausea or appetite issues will also be right at home with Triangle Kush, which is notorious for bringing on relentless and prolonged bouts of the munchies.

Growing Triangle Kush Feminized Seeds

Considering her primarily Indica genetics, this isn’t a particularly easy strain to grow. The plants themselves tend to reach much taller heights than you would expect from a typical Indica, while at the same time needing meticulously balanced conditions to get the job done.

These aren't plants that are particularly susceptible to issues with mold, pest infestation or disease, though they do demand plenty of TLC to deliver optimum results.

It also takes a fair amount of time for these beauties to begin producing flowers – 12 weeks or so before things kicks into gear. As this is the feminized version of the strain, you’re guaranteed all female plants with a probability rate of around 99%.

Yields tend to be comparatively modest both indoors and outside, averaging around 10oz of weed for every square meter of grow space. That said, it’s worth remembering that with a THC content that routinely exceeds 26%, a little goes a seriously long way.

Just be sure to factor odor-control measures into the equation, as this is a strain that stinks to high heaven. It’s practically impossible to keep this weed under wraps when the plants reach maturity – something to bear in mind if discretion is a priority.


Triangle Kush delivers the kind of narcotic-level body stone you have to experience to appreciate, making this ganja great for moments of pure self-indulgence. These buds also have a long list of potential medical applications, getting to work on all types of acute and chronic pain conditions as good as any conventional pharmaceutical.

Though not the easiest strain to grow, Triangle Kush Feminized rewards those with the patience and perseverance needed to get the job done. Weighing in at around 26% THC, this is one of the most powerful and consistently hard-hitting strains the commercial cannabis market has seen to date. One that’s capable of testing the tolerance of even the most experienced smokers.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)