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Many herb enthusiasts in the Natural State wonder if they can grow cannabis seeds in Arkansas. We’re here to help you get the correct answers. 

Read on for an analysis of the cannabis laws in the Natural State for cultivation, consumption, and possession. Discover whether you can legally set up a cannabis garden and find out where to source quality seeds in The Land of Opportunity.

Are weed seeds legal in Arkansas?

Before kicking off your cannabis cultivation journey, it’s essential to learn the Arkansas cannabis seed laws and other types of legislation.

Recreational use is strictly illegal in the state. First-time offenders caught carrying up to four oz. of cannabis may receive a $2,500 fine, a one-year jail term, and a six-month driver’s license suspension.

Possessing higher amounts is a felony that can attract longer sentences and harsher punishments. 

The state legalizes the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes to treat conditions like cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and more. Qualifying patients and caregivers can apply for a medical marijuana card through the Arkansas Department of Health

This license allows qualifying patients to buy up to 2.5 oz. of marijuana from licensed dispensaries in the state. Unfortunately, the card doesn’t allow the cultivation of Arkansas marijuana seeds. 

Cultivation facilities and dispensaries can apply for a growing license through the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission

Applicants must be 21 years old, have resided in the state for seven consecutive years, and have no felony offenses. The cost of a marijuana seed growing license in Arkansas is $15,000, but if unsuccessful, the commission refunds $7,500. 

It’s illegal to buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas for home cultivation. Enthusiasts must wait for the state to pass laws allowing the growing of marijuana strains for ADHD and other purposes.


Cannabis Seeds in Arkansas


Indoor or outdoor growing?

As more state governments decriminalize weed, there’s hope that Arkansas will also move in this direction. Once the state legalizes recreational use, growing your favorite strains at home will likely be possible. 

The climate in Arkansas is favorable for cultivating high-yielding plants. Will it be better to grow Arkansas weed seeds outdoors or indoors when it’s legal? The choice depends on your preferences. Both methods have pros and cons.

Indoor cultivation has the following advantages: 

  • Discreet cultivation: Keep things private by keeping your crops inside. You won’t worry about nosy neighbors or potential thieves stealing your buds. 
  • Multiple harvests: Since indoor crops don’t rely on the seasons, you can achieve several yields yearly. 
  • Full control of growing conditions: Easily maintain the correct environmental conditions, including temperature and lighting, to ensure optimum growth. 
  • Fewer pests and diseases: Indoor crops have minimal risks of pests and parasite infestations, meaning less stress during cultivation and better yields.

Growing cannabis seeds in Arkansas outdoors has the following advantages: 

  • Cheaper to set up: No need to invest in artificial lights, dehumidifiers, and other equipment. The plants rely on natural climate elements to thrive.
  • High yields: Since there are no restrictions, the plants can grow to maximum heights and yield massive results. 
  • Low production costs: You won’t have to pay high utility bills and maintenance costs since you’ll use less equipment. 


What to consider when growing cannabis in Arkansas

Once growing marijuana seeds in Arkansas is legal, there are several things you’ll need to consider for successful cultivation. First, ensure the Arkansas government authorizes growing cannabis. Illegal cultivation can lead to fines or incarceration. 


 cannabis seeds in Arkansas


Climate conditions

Arkansas experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot summers and mild springs. Growing seeds outdoors is a breeze since the cannabis plants thrive in a warm environment. 

It’s advisable to cultivate autoflowering cannabis seeds, since they mature faster without relying on the light cycle. The crops are ideal for outdoor growing, as they’re ready for harvesting before the temperatures fall.

Buy seeds for indoor cultivation to get multiple harvests without worrying about the climate. These specially selected marijuana strains contain stable genetics that make them resilient to pests and friendly to beginners. 

Choose between indica strains that grow short and deliver relaxing effects or sativa cultivars that shoot tall and produce energizing buds.

Marijuana seeds in Arkansas require the proper climatic conditions for optimum growth. Keep humidity at moderate levels to prevent mold issues. Use artificial bulbs to provide adequate light that cannabis plants require for photosynthesis.

Maintain warm temperatures while consistently watering crops to keep the soil moist but not water-logged. 


Pests and diseases

Some weed plants are prone to attacks from pests and diseases. The risk is higher when growing outdoors, so select Arkansas weed seeds from strains that are less susceptible to these external threats. 

Arkansas experiences high humidity levels, which can cause mold, bacteria, fungi, and parasites to proliferate. Too much sunlight may also result in discolored leaves or make the crop wither and die. 

If you’re an outdoor grower, regularly inspect your cannabis garden to ensure there are no infected plants. You can uproot the sick crops to prevent them from spreading the disease to others. 

Use organic chemicals like fungicides and pesticides to curb a considerable infestation or outbreak. The most effective way to keep pests away is to deter and prevent their presence. 

Buy cannabis seeds in Arkansas resistant to common diseases, parasites, and pests from Seed Supreme. These cultivars reduce the stress of dealing with issues affecting productivity. 

Grow your seeds indoors to reduce the risk of infections. Keeping crops inside also protects the plants from potential thieves who might want to steal the buds.


Arkansas marijuana seeds


When to plant seeds

If growing indoors in Arkansas, marijuana seeds can be germinated at any time. Outdoor cultivators can plant the seeds in February or March when there’s minimal to no frost. Depending on the strain, the plants will be ready for harvesting within several weeks or months.

Provide the right conditions and use effective methods like the paper towel technique to improve the germination rate. After sprouting, transfer the young plants to larger containers and supply water and nutrients until harvest.

Autoflowering cultivars mature faster and enter the flowering stage without depending on the light cycle. If you plant the seeds in March, the buds should be ready for picking by June.

Non-photoperiod cannabis strains take longer to mature and are light-dependent. They typically reach the harvesting stage after several months, especially when growing outdoors. 


The strains we recommend growing in Arkansas

Although marijuana seeds are illegal in Arkansas for growing purposes, it’s best to know which strains to get once the government legalizes cultivation. We’ve got several cultivars with the right genetics to thrive in this state: 

  • Bubblegum feminized is perfect for novice growers looking for a hybrid with mild effects. The buds contain about 13–17% THC content and release fruity and candy-like aromas to satisfy your taste buds. 
  • CBD Harlequin feminized is a medical strain with therapeutic benefits. The seeds mature fast but prefer an indoor setup since they’re less resilient to mold and pests. Expect buds with up to 9% CBD and minimal THC, delivering potential medical benefits.
  • Cannatonic feminized delivers balanced therapeutic and recreational effects with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio of 7–15%. This cultivar is beginner-friendly but requires moderate humidity since it’s prone to mold and mildew.


Growing cannabis in Arkansas

Although cultivating recreational or medicinal marijuana in Arkansas is still illegal, the status might change in the near future. We recommend shopping online for marijuana seeds once you have the green light.

At Seed Supreme, we’ve got all cannabis seeds for sale at unbeatable prices. Order your preferred Arkansas strain and enjoy discreet shipping to your doorstep within a few days once cultivation is legal.

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