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CBD Harlequin Seeds

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With 9% CBD and a paltry 0.6% THC, this CBD supercharged hybrid has upped the ante significantly when it comes to therapeutic benefits and placing medical marijuana within reach of those with no interest in a psychoactive high...

Citric CBD Therapy


Bud Basics

 Harlequin was the CBD strain before CBD strains, pre-dating the medical marijuana marvels like the world-renown Charlotte’s Web and even the entire CBD revolution. With CBD Harlequin, breeders have elevated this already impressive 5:2 CBD to THC ratio strain to incredible new heights.


With 9% CBD and a paltry 0.6% THC, this CBD supercharged hybrid has upped the ante significantly when it comes to therapeutic benefits and placing medical marijuana within reach of those with no interest in a psychoactive high.


While the original strain’s THC hovered between 4 and 10%, offering some of those typical highs recreational tokers love, with CBD Harlequin it’s all about the CBD therapy. If you’re looking for any kind of typical psychoactive influence, look elsewhere.


This Sativa-dominant hybrid delivers all the benefits of the original clone-only Harlequin strain in a reasonably easy to grow seed package (most suitable for those with at least some cultivation experience) with respectably generous yield potential.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Harlequin

With CBD Harlequin, the myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene terpenes come together to deliver a sensory delight that makes this strain one of the tastiest therapies you’re likely to ever try.


On both the nose and tongue, expect a mouthwatering mix of earthy fruitiness which comes out in full from properly cured buds. Breaking those nugs unleashes the most tantalizing of tropical aromas which translates perfectly to the taste.


Most tokers notice the distinctive mango and citric hints regardless of how attuned their palate is, and this has proven to be a huge deciding factor for patients looking for their tasty CBD therapy.




Write off any lingering expectation of getting high in the traditional sense with CBD Harlequin - it’s not going to happen.


The closest you’ll likely feel to any quintessential stoned elements comes in the form of a notable uplift capable of lightening any foul mood, or a somewhat adjusted sense of perspective - neither of which are remotely intrusive and often most welcome even among those without a taste for psychoactive effects.


Turn to CBD Harlequin as a brief reprieve to sharpen the mind, take the edge off and focus on what’s ahead of you. Many users opt for these buds as an alternative to a cup of coffee, with this cannabis proving just as effective at re-energizing the body and helping you feel ready and alert (while also being downright delicious in an outrageously moreish manner).


Just be careful not to overindulge as the day wears on or, just like downing twenty cups of Joe, you’ll likely find sleep doesn’t come too easily!



Medical Uses of CBD Harlequin 

Harlequin has long been praised for her wide-reaching and potent medicinal benefits, and with CBD Harlequin it’s very much the same game.


Though many patients tend to find low THC strains less ideal when it comes to physical conditions, this hybrid can still be relied on as a dependable analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, useful in managing everything from migraines to arthritis, PMS cramps or more serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia.


Due to the subtle yet undeniable sense of energy and focus (think coffee, but with cannabis), CBD Harlequin has a great many fans who use these buds to help them banish fatigue, recharge and feel a sense of readiness for the day ahead.


You’ll also find this CBD-heavy hybrid is a powerful anxiolytic which has proven extremely effective at combating stress, depression, anxiety and a wide range of mental maladies which keep us from living our best lives.


All this comes in a desirable low THC package which makes it notoriously difficult to overindulge and suffer any of marijuana’s less desirable side effects.


Simply put, CBD Harlequin is designed to enhance every day, slot into your life and help support you with peace of mind, clarity and bundles of natural energy.



Growing CBD Harlequin Seeds 

Much like the original Harlequin strain, this CBD-heavy variety is far easier to cultivate indoors, where environmental controls can be carefully and easily managed.


These ladies don’t have the best resilience when it comes to mold and similar issues, which again make indoor setups more advantageous, however, also means you’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes to these beans.


Being ready and vigilant in pruning extraneous foliage will go a long way towards preventing any unwanted moisture and mitigating the risk of mold ruining your crop. This will also help improve airflow to the plants’ lower regions, increasing the likelihood of maximum yield output.


You’ll also want to pay close attention to the temperature and humidity and aim to best imitate a balmy Mediterranean climate as CBD Harlequin can be quite sensitive to her environment and unforgiving if that equilibrium is messed with.


Opting for a Sea of Green (SOG) setup tends to be the best way to go about a crop of these CBD stars, helping to manage the respectably tall plants and encourage lateral development to make full use of all available space for bud sites.


Given that you’re likely growing CBD Harlequin because you have no interest in psychoactive weed, pay close attention to when you harvest your plants. Within 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, the buds will be as advertised, chock full of CBD with next to no THC. If you wait until closer to the 10-week mark, much like the original Harlequin, THC begins to develop quite rapidly.


Overall, you can expect roughly 400 grams per meter squared of these dense and delightfully pretty CBD-charged Sativa super nugs if you give them all the TLC they need.




While CBD Harlequin and her sub 1% THC content is hardly going to be one your average recreational toker turns to on a regular basis, it’s hard to imagine anyone passing up the opportunity to sample these exquisite buds.


With their delicious fruity flavor, inviting aroma and ability to charge the body and senses with a natural and non-psychoactive energizing influence much like coffee, this kind of CBD hybrid is primed to become a regular in many recreational and medicinal users’ must-have lists.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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