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The satisfaction of growing your own ganja is a joy unlike any other, but, as with any fresh venture, knowing where to begin your journey can be daunting. Chances are, you’ve poured hours into research already, foraging the thickets of the weedy web, absorbed by articles, books, videos or journals in your quest for those master hacks for expert growth.

No doubt you know when to harvest cannabis for maximum yields, how to grow weed indoors or the secrets to successfully growing marijuana outdoors if your heart's set on the nature approach.

Even with a bulletproof plan in place for how you’ll cultivate your cannabis, you’re still faced with a critical decision ahead. Because although armed with all your knowledge, choosing your first marijuana seeds poorly can prove the nail in the coffin, conjuring complications only an expert could untangle.

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Growing Cannabis

Not everyone enjoys the constant challenge which skips hand in hand with some of the more advanced cannabis strains.

Excessive difficulties can be enough to put off even the most determined newcomer and rock their confidence unnecessarily. Think of it like this, how much more assured would you feel taking your first car for its inaugural spin, right after passing your test, if it was a modest, affordable runaround, rather than a supercar?

Of course, we all want the supercar. And it can be a test in its own right to tear our gazes from the majesty of luxury, especially when it seems within our reach.

But the truth is, experience counts. Knowledge alone isn’t power, the application of it is. Simply knowing the tricks to growing marijuana indoors, where to score the best cannabis seeds or how to germinate weed seeds, isn't enough on its own.

Once you’ve found your footing with easier to handle, merciful marijuana strains, you’ll stand that much more prepared for the big leagues.

Here at SeedSupreme, we’re proud to offer beginner strains with plenty enough dazzling cannabis magic in their buds for even those craving the rewards of more challenging strains.

What should newbie ganja growers consider?

Growing Conditions

We know you’ve done your research into how your grow will flow, the setup you’ll be using and equipment you’re going to need. But the first point to keep in mind is that varying strains of cannabis grow best under different optimal conditions.

Cannabis cultivators should always be aware of the environment which serves their strains best, as well as how to maintain those environments.

Are you prepared for a sudden surge in humidity? Have you picked plants likely to suffer or resist such a change?

Which Cannabis strain?

From Indica to Sativa, there are a whole host of influencing factors to a successful grow, so doing your research on your chosen strains individually before you dive in headfirst is absolutely recommended.

For those who’ve done their homework, it won’t be news that divergent strains also flower in different timeframes. This is crucial in knowing when is best to begin your grow and when you’ll be able to harvest your crop.

Beginner cannabis strains: Bubblegummer

Considering growth time is also a handy factor in the decision of where you’re going to grow, indoors or outdoors. Of course, this is an important choice in its own right, and one which should be sensitive to your weed’s needs.

We’ve touched on humidity, but have you thought about how your bud will stand up to sudden snaps of cold weather or droughts? 

How about mould resistance?

A nasty case of cannabis mould can be the death of an entire crop, so you’d best either know how to leap to a startling rescue should the worst occur, or feel safe in the knowledge you’ve picked seeds resilient enough to take a hit and bounce back. 

Similarly to mould, are you prepared for bugs? Have you chosen a suitable strain capable of resisting an insect infestation, or one likely to need every ounce of your attention just to survive?

Honest Self-Assessment

Of course, we’re not trying to scare you. The fact is, these are all barriers you might have to face, so don’t make your first foray more demanding than it needs to be. Accept with unflinching honesty your levels of experience and ability to act under pressure or prevent these potential problems.

Some of the most tantalising strains have a natural need for you to handle these hurdles like an experienced champion. Others are less dependent. But that’s exactly why we have beginner strains!

Autoflowering and Feminized?

You’ve likely encountered these terms in your research, so surely they need little introduction or explanation. 

Marijuana seeds labelled as autoflowering or feminized are an absolute must for any novice grower. Feminized guarantees you’ll have budding females rather than crop-ruining males, and autoflowering simply ensures the speediest time possible between seed and harvest.

Some autoflowering strains can produce buds ready for your enjoyment in as little as eight weeks! This, plus the natural resilience of the ruderalis genetics contained in autoflowering varieties, makes them the perfect partner for those new to the world of weed growing.

SeedSupreme’s Beginner Strains

Those looking to step up and buy cannabis seeds for the first time are in luck! We offer an extensive range of seeds which are absolutely perfect for beginners wanting to start with minimal fuss.

Our collection is specially selected for the newcomer based on their appealing attributes and genetic stability. 

We’ve handpicked our beginner strains for their vigour, hardiness and naturally high yields. With a focus on shorter flowering times, you’ll find a bunch of autoflowering strains in the mix for those hunting hassle-free results. And, of course, with our feminized seeds, it’s ladies only on this pot paradise guestlist.

Anyone with their heart set on recreating that Holland feel in their living room with Amsterdam seeds is sure to agree, SeedSupreme offers the best online seed bank in town.