Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized Seeds

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Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized Seeds

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Hovering around the 20% THC mark, this herb has wake and bake potential written all over her, and is just the thing to reach for on a dreary afternoon, when you’re low on energy, drive and motivation...

Breakfast with Bruce


Bud Basics

If you’re familiar with Bruce Banner, you’ll know the strain's famous for two things - epic potency and high-energy effects. Meanwhile, Chocolope likewise has two well-documented points of appeal - along with having one of the dreamiest fragrance and flavor profiles imaginable, she's also good for a positive pick-me-up at any time of day.


Combine all these attributes together and the result is Bruce Banner x Chocolope – a simply sublime Sativa-heavy hybrid for all occasions.


Hovering around the 20% THC mark, this herb has wake and bake potential written all over her, and is just the thing to reach for on a dreary afternoon, when you’re low on energy, drive and motivation.


Uplifting, energizing and bursting with positive vibes, Bruce Banner x Chocolope is as it gets where all kinds of social situations are concerned. A few tokes and even the dullest event quickly becomes an evening to remember.


Careful though, overdo it and your short-term memory pays the price – a distinct possibility when you’re hanging with the Hulk!


This pot's dessert-like qualities also make her a great swap-out for the usual post-dinner treat, with none of the calories and the added bonus of a long-lasting buzz.


Not that these nugs need any, but another point of appeal is the fact that Bruce Banner x Chocolope is more or less fool-proof as a DIY strain to grow at home. Cover the basics and your plants will do you proud, producing solid quantities of sticky THC-laden buds in no time.



Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner x Chocolope

As you’d expect, the aroma is dominated by the sweetest of chocolate fragrances, though with plenty of wet earth and fuel in the background. There’s much more of a ‘classic’ cannabis stink when the buds are burned, making Bruce Banner x Chocolope pretty tricky to keep under wraps.


Combustion brings out the spicy pepper-like fragrance of the buds, while the unmistakable scent of cocoa hangs in the air.


The taste of well-cured Bruce Banner x Chocolope doesn’t disappoint, either. As with the fragrance, it’s a complex mix of dark chocolate, black pepper, earth, musk and pine. There’s plenty of chocolate on the exhale for a smooth and lingering aftertaste, courtesy of a satisfying smoke that’s reasonably gentle on the airways.


Vaping is an option if you're looking to bring out some of the subtler nuances, but smoking a strain like this the old-fashioned way really is the way to go.




Leaning heavily toward the Sativa side of the scale, you can count on this stuff for a burst of long-lasting energy, anytime of day or night. 20% THC is just about right for an enjoyable uplift, without taking you totally over the edge.


Think along the lines of a strong cup of coffee or two, though without the nervous energy or jitters.


It’s more a case of positive vibes and happiness than outright euphoria, which again is all to this herb's credit. There’s little to nothing by way of a physical stone involved, shy of gentle tingles that gravitate from the neck down. Not only will you still be able to function with a moderate amount of this stuff in your system, you might just function better than you knew you could.


That said, munchies are to be expected after a couple of hours, so you’ll need to factor that in. Otherwise, it’s hour after hour of all-things upbeat, enjoyable, uplifting, optimistic and inspiring – a strain that’s about pure joy and nothing else.



Medical Uses of Bruce Banner x Chocolope

Therapeutic cannabis users have long relied on both of this hybrid’s parent strains for their energizing and mood-boosting properties. Bring the two together and you get more of the same, though in this case with a completely unique fragrance and flavor profile.


A few tokes of these buds is more than enough to have the cares of the day wiped away. Before you know it, you’re back at your best and feeling on top of the world.


Fantastic for dealing with bouts of boredom, lethargy or the after-affects of a bad night’s sleep, Bruce Banner x Chocolope is also one of the best strains you’ll ever experience for getting the day off to a great start. An energizing wake and bake with a gorgeous chocolatey flavor – what more could you ask for?


There’s no real physical stone involved, so this herb's not going to have much of an effect on pain-related issues, joint stiffness and so on. She's also probably the last strain you should think about messing with if you’re planning on heading to bed anytime soon, and notorious for keeping you fired up for hours - time this high with care.


Planning for a pretty severe case of the munchies is also advisable, which come thick and fast with this hard-hitting hybrid.



Growing Bruce Banner x Chocolope Seeds

Here’s where things get even more interesting, as this is a Sativa-heavy hybrid that doesn’t grow much like a Sativa at all.


A fantastically compact and convenient specimen, you’ll rarely be looking at plants of more than 110cm in height. Foliage remains sparse so there’s little to no risk of mold or rot, but you might have to provide support once the buds start putting a strain on the spindly stems and branches.


In any case, these plants grow way smaller than you’d normally expect from a Sativa, making a great for indoor grow spaces. This being the feminized version, there’s pretty much zero chance of any male plants creeping into the mix.


Flowering times average around 8 weeks, bringing to an end a comprehensively straightforward cultivation cycle almost anyone can handle. Get it right and yields can be as generous as 500g of weed for every square meter of grow space.


You’ll need to be sure of consistently warm weather for the duration to grow Bruce Banner x Chocolope Fem outdoors, so it’s best to keep these beauties indoors if possible. If you do set up outside, aim to harvest within the first couple of weeks of October at the latest.




All in all, this is a well-thought out hybrid strain that delivers everything you’d expect from her immediate ancestry. All the punch and power of Bruce Banner, coupled with gorgeous cocoa-like flavor of Chocolope. With heavy Sativa dominance, this ganja guarantees an energizing and uplifting high, with next to no impact on the body at all.


The 20% THC is perfect for a positive pick-me-up at any time of day, or for the best wake and bake you’ll ever experience. Social, stimulating and seriously tasty, Bruce Banner x Chocolope is everything a solid Sativa should be.


All with the added bonus of plants that grow way shorter than a typical Sativa, making this herb a breeze to grow in almost any indoor space.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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