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Critical x Amnesia Feminized Seeds

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From top to bottom, Critical x Amnesia is the dictionary definition of everything a hard-hitting and uncompromising Sativa should be. Powerful, punchy and with practically no body stone involved, this is an exceptional strain for an energizing daytime smoke...

An Uncompromising Sativa Superstar


Bud Basics

Despite being a relative latecomer to the party, Critical x Amnesia wasted no time making her presence known. An instant hit in dispensaries across the US, praised for a powerful Sativa punch and fabulously fruity flavor. Not to mention, the brain-busting hit you’d expect from a strain that routinely tips the scales at 22% THC.


With the likes of Critical and Amnesia in her direct lineage, this new-generation hybrid really couldn’t fail. She brings all the most notable attributes of both parents to the forefront, while putting her own unique spin on the whole thing.


There’s all the sweet and sour citrus freshness you could ever ask for, coupled with wet earth and classic dank on the nose. An enjoyable sensory experience that sets you up for an unforgettable ride.


Land a particularly potent batch of Critical x Amnesia and its effects are simply staggering. Far from a creeper, this is a strain that hits hard, fast and with absolutely no mercy.


Unless you know you can handle a soaring and perception-altering cerebral uplift, set you sights on something else! This is a strain that warrants respect and should be approached with due care and caution.


The same also applies for ambitious home-growers, as cultivating Critical x Amnesia Feminized really isn’t a job for the inexperienced. With a tendency to reach towering heights and collapse under her own weight, it takes time, effort and involvement to grow your own. Though it’s a worthwhile investment to say the least – the way this stuff yields given the right conditions is more or less ludicrous!



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical x Amnesia Feminized

Combining all the most admirable attributes of her parent strains, Critical x Amnesia has an invigorating and enticing fragrance that’s hard to resist. A scent that combines the smell of a wet forest floor with plenty of sharp citrus, carried on a heavy and musky wave of classic cannabis dankness. It’s a potent fragrance to say the least, making this an extremely difficult strain to keep discreet.


Set light to the buds and difficult becomes impossible, as the sheer weight and dankness of the smoke are quite remarkable. Surprisingly smooth and palatable on the inhale, Critical x Amnesia is dominated by sour citrus and earthy flavors, leaving behind a slightly spicy aftertaste.


It’s a soothing, satisfying and seriously decadent smoke, which makes it almost impossible to resist going back for more. Precisely where factoring in that 22% THC content is a good idea – this stuff kicks like a bucking bronco.




As a predominantly Sativa strain, you more or less get exactly what you’d expect with Critical x Amnesia. That being, an immensely punchy cerebral high that shifts all five senses into overdrive.


Your perceptions of everything around you are radically transformed in a matter of minutes, often edging on the cusp of outright psychedelia. From music to movies to artwork to nature, the admiration and appreciation you feel for everything in the vicinity is staggering.


Suffice to say, there’s no space left in your brain for anything negative or pessimistic. Without even realizing it’s happened, you’ve been transported to a veritable Garden of Eden – wherever you happen to be at the time.


It’s worth pointing out that with a THC content in the region of 22%, the initial uplift can be hard to handle for some. Unless you’re well-equipped to deal with a downright disorienting initial blast, think twice about messing with this stuff.


On the physical side of things, there’s little to no body stone involved. You might feel a gentle sense of warmth radiating through the body, but nothing that’s going to stop you in your tracks, or even slow you down. You’ll still be capable of functioning physically for the duration, though you’ll be more inclined to indulge and simply enjoy the experience.



Medical Uses of Critical x Amnesia Feminized

The popularity of Critical x Amnesia in therapeutic cannabis circles is attributed entirely to the herb's energizing and mood-boosting properties. There’s next to nothing physical about these effects, making this ganja great for daytime use.


Consumed in (very) careful quantities, this cannabis can be just the thing for breathing life, light and positivity into an otherwise dreary and depressing day.


Speaking of which, psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic stress, bipolar disorder and anger management issues can all be brought under control with Sativa-heavy cannabis. Dispensaries across the US often recommend potent Sativa strains as alternatives to conventional medications for these and other conditions. Critical x Amnesia can also be great for dealing with bouts of chronic fatigue, lethargy and the aftereffects of poor or disturbed sleep.


The pain-relieving properties of this strain are more or less nonexistent, though there’s a good chance that while riding the peak of the high, you’ll completely forget about the mild to moderate aches and pains plaguing you.


An extremely enjoyable and versatile strain with a potent 22% THC, the only thing this stuff isn’t going to do is send you to sleep.



Growing Critical x Amnesia Feminized Seeds

Here’s where things get slightly tricky, as Critical x Amnesia isn’t the easiest strain to grow from scratch. This is the feminized version of the strain, meaning only female plants with a probability rate of around 99%. If you’re simply looking to maximize yields, this is the way to go.


The primary issue is that when left to their own devices and exposed to ideal conditions, this is a strain that routinely exceeds nine feet in height. Suffice to say, this marijuana monster is more or less out of the question for most indoor grow spaces. You can trim and train your plants to a certain extent, but you’re still going to need a ton of space to get the job done.


In addition, Critical x Amnesia consistently overestimates her own capabilities. The flowers these plants produce are way too big and heavy, calling for plenty of reinforcement. Otherwise, bent stems and broken branches are practically guaranteed.


On the plus side, she's a relatively resilient specimen in general that performs well in most amicable outdoor conditions. Ride out the flowering period of around 12 weeks and you’ll be rewarded with as much as 450g of gorgeous Sativa buds from every single plant.




From top to bottom, Critical x Amnesia is the dictionary definition of everything a hard-hitting and uncompromising Sativa should be. Powerful, punchy and with practically no body stone involved, this is an exceptional strain for an energizing daytime smoke.


Averaging around 22% THC, there’s more than enough fire in those buds to test the tolerance of even the most seasoned smokers. Novice users need not apply, as the initial uplift is simply staggering in its speed and ferocity.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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