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As well-balanced in effects as she is in flavor, this herb enlivens and uplifts the mind to remove unpleasant thoughts and replace them with a sense of serenity that’s accentuated by the deeply relaxing body-stone that follows...

Well Balanced and Complex Cannabis

Bud Basics

With some strains, the head-high outlasts the body-stone or vice versa. Cannabis that’s beautifully balanced and full of flavor is a little harder to come by, and so OG Kush was crossed with Diesel, and specially cultivated to provide the best of both worlds. Neither Indica nor Sativa heavy, she’s a true half-and-half loved by tokers and growers alike.

The uplifting and energizing effects of this strain are a well-done tribute to her 20% THC levels, granting you a cerebral sensation that once settled, works in synergy with OG Kush x Diesel’s relaxing physical effects to release the tensions of the mind and body.

As a medical strain, OG Kush x Diesel Fem can be utilized both as a therapeutic strain for relieving stress and depression, and also a pain-reliever for arthritis, PMS and more.

Cultivators require at least a little prior experience before tackling this specimen, as she needs plenty of support and TLC to truly live up to her potential. Her hefty nugs can weigh her down, and trimming and pruning - as well as additional external structure - is important to keep her tip-top. No male seedlings help to lighten a grower’s load, but you’ll still need to devote time to OG Kush x Diesel Feminized to get the harvest you’re after.

Flavor and Fragrance of OG Kush x Diesel Feminized

The rich and intriguing aroma of OG Kush x Diesel Feminized is bold with notes of moss and earth blended with spicy-sweet herbal scents and a touch of skunky fuel - the result of such aromatic heritage.

In taste, the diesel and fuel notes are more evident, and the herbal twist becomes more incense-like, mixed beautifully with hints of oak and honey.


Terrific for an afternoon toke, or an after-work session, OG Kush x Diesel is immediate in her effects, filling you with a fast surge of euphoria that helps to boost motivation by enlivening and energizing.

This liveliness doesn’t last for much more than half an hour, though - her relaxing Indica side will get to work on your head first, spreading slowly from your skull and down your spine until every limb and muscle is soothed, tension-free and chilled.

If you prefer to stay mobile, sheer force of will might just do it - but the heavy body-stone of OG Kush x Diesel Fem isn’t likely to encourage you to do so. You’ll much prefer to lounge about and enjoy the intense cerebral effects that can last for up to four hours if you’re lucky.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of unwanted side effects. Commonly reported are the usual: dry, red eyes and cottonmouth, which though not serious can be uncomfortable, so staying hydrated to counteract this is advised, along with toking in moderation.

More concerning are effects that include dizziness, headaches, increased anxiety or heightened paranoia, though these are very rare and usually only affect newbies or those who are sensitive to THC.

Medical Uses of OG Kush x Diesel Feminized

OG Kush x Diesel Feminized offers a new level of chilled out euphoria, which can be of benefit to those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community, particularly for those struggling with a variety of chronic pain ailments or those with mental health issues.

Since this herb is all-natural and organic, as an alternative to traditional synthetic drugs, she poses fewer potential side effects.

Boasting analgesic and anti-inflammatory capabilities, OG Kush x Diesel Fem can provide effective relief from migraines, arthritis and PMS. She can also ease the burdens of stress and depression, as her euphoric effect works to improve positive outlooks and battle negativity.

For those suffering from nausea and lack of appetite as a result of chemotherapy cancer treatments, or due to various eating disorders, the undeniable hunger pangs (known as the munchies) that this herb induces can be of benefit. And for those with insomnia, OG Kush x Diesel’s ability to relax the limbs and wind you down to sleep can be particularly helpful.

Growing OG Kush x Diesel Feminized Seeds

OG Kush x Diesel Feminized grows well indoors, but cannabis cultivators will find that a moderate amount of experience is required for her to truly thrive.

A hungry herb, regular feedings are essential to fatten up this plant and really give her the nutrients she requires for her massive colas to develop to maturity. Since she can be quite big, her branches may need some support structure for her to hold up - and you can give her that extra little help by ensuring you periodically prune, trim and remove any dead foliage.

Keep temperatures between 70° and 80°F, and let these beauteis bask in 600-watt HPS lights for your crop to truly flourish. A Relative Humidity (RH) level of between 40% and 50% is ideal, too - and organic soil will ensure the fullest, most delicious terpene profile (making for the best flavors).

As these seeds are already feminized, there’s no need to worry about males in the batch, or pollination.

Once mature, OG Kush x Diesel’s nugs are pale green and beautifully fluffy, beneath their sticky, gluey resin - just taking a look at this stunner tells you how potent she is, and you certainly won’t be smoking her without a grinder to help break apart those buds. As for yield size, you should be able to harvest around 1.63 ounces per square foot, if she’s been taken good care of.

If you prefer to grow your ganja outdoors, those in pleasant, warm, and sunny environments will find she does well - anything similar to the Mediterranean is ideal and should leave you with a yield of up to 21 ounces per plant.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, OG Kush x Diesel will still grow just fine provided you plant her at the right time - but you’ll need to pay close attention to the weather to avoid adverse conditions, and keeping her in a pot is suggested so that she can be moved if necessary. Harvest should come around mid to late October.


A versatile strain loved by recreational and medicinal consumers alike, OG Kush x Diesel Feminized is bursting with the complex, rich flavors of moss and damp earth, spicy-sweet notes and an underlying aroma of kerosene.

As well-balanced in effects as she is in flavor, this herb enlivens and uplifts the mind to remove unpleasant thoughts and replace them with a sense of serenity that’s accentuated by the deeply relaxing body-stone that follows.

For medical users, this translates to pain-relieving properties and the ability to temporarily resolve stress, anxiety and depression by lightening your mental load.

Feminized for your convenience, OG Kush x Diesel won’t pollinate, but still needs your care, attention, and time. Her nugs are fluffy but weighty, so support is required alongside the usual environmental control - and don’t forget to trim her foliage if you really want this hungry little herb to get all the nutrients she needs.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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