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Sticky, fragrant and packed with flavor, this is a super-satisfying strain that has a long list of potential therapeutic and recreational applications...

One to Remember (or Not)

Bud Basics

You know you’re looking at something special when you pick up a strain that took home one of the top prizes at the Amsterdam Highlife Cup back in 2010. This was already a time when competition was ferocious, meaning you really had to bring your game to stand out from the crowd. Which was precisely the case with White Amnesia Feminized, which remains not only one of the most enjoyable Sativa-heavy hybrids on the market, but also one of the most consistently potent.

As the name suggests, this new-generation hybrid was created by combining the genetics of White Widow and Amnesia. Two legendary strains in their own right, with equally remarkable properties. White Widow, in particular, is synonymous with high-energy good times, having been a staple on the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene for decades.

White Amnesia combines and somehow emphasizes all the positive attributes of both parent strains, with the unstoppable punch of an average 22% THC content.

Sticky, fragrant and packed with flavor, this is a super-satisfying strain that has a long list of potential therapeutic and recreational applications. Consumed in carefully controlled doses, this is exactly the kind of strain you need in your life when you’re struggling to get out of a rut. Or for that matter, you’re simply looking to inject life into any kind of social situation.

Coupled with easy-grow characteristics and the promise of excellent harvests, White Amnesia Feminized ticks all the right boxes for new and seasoned cultivators alike. It’s simply a case of showing this herb the respect she deserves with those first few tokes – roll the dice one time too many and you’ll pay the price with this stuff!

Flavor and Fragrance of White Amnesia Feminized

The characteristic flavor and fragrance notes of both parent strains are all there as you’d expect them to be. There’s a pronounced earthiness to the aroma, with complex floral notes and plenty of peppery spice.

Set light to the buds and the entire room is immediately filled with old-school cannabis stink, which is practically impossible to get rid of. Something to bear in mind if attempting to keep things under wraps.

Flavor-wise, there’s a notable sweetness to the smoke that leaves behind a lingering herbal aftertaste. There’s also a fair amount of pine freshness, making for a satisfying and enjoyable experience that’s rarely cough inducing.


As this is a strain that leans heavily towards the Sativa side of the scale, an energizing and uplifting experience is guaranteed. There’s a definite Indica punch to the whole thing, but White Amnesia Feminized is more or less the dictionary definition of a stellar daytime smoke.

Moderation is key if using these buds to perk you up and keep you productive. Small quantities will energize and motivate you to get things done – larger quantities often bringing on a prolonged psychedelic trip. It’s therefore largely down to the potency of the batch you’re holding, with the average specimen coming in at around 22% THC.

White Amnesia can be the life and soul of any social event, stimulating conversation and almost always triggering relentless laughter. This herb is also notorious for completely wiping users’ short term memory, so don’t be too surprised if you can’t remember what you’re talking about or even where you are.

Push things to extremes and you’re more or less guaranteed to be locked to the couch a little further down line. Not due to an incapacitating body stone, but more in the sense that you’ll be too wired to perform basic motor functions. Again, precisely why this isn’t a strain to underestimate – slow and sensible consumption is the way to go.

For obvious reasons, this is also one to avoid entirely if you have a low THC tolerance or a history of panic attacks. One toke too many is all it takes to kickstart the prolonged high-speed psychedelic experience of a lifetime.

Medical Uses of White Amnesia Feminized

Hovering around the 22% THC mark, this is a high-potency therapeutic strain for when lower-strength cannabis won’t cut it. A popular choice for the alleviation of countless psychological health complaints, White Amnesia has the raw power needed to turn around even the most negative thoughts and emotions.

For example, everyday stress, depression, mood-swings and bouts of anxiety are no match for this stuff. If you’re simply feeling down in the dumps and can’t get motivated to get things done, a single toke can be more than enough to bring you around.

This herb is also great for dealing with the aftereffects of a poor night’s sleep, or when chronic fatigue is weighing you down. Associations with the munchies at a later stage in the high also make this marijuana a solid choice for dealing with appetite issues and nausea.

Growing White Amnesia Feminized Seeds

If anything, this is a strain that seems almost too good to be true where DIY cultivation is concerned. For one thing, White Amnesia Feminized demonstrates exceptional resistance to the vast majority of common plant problems and is by no means susceptible to mold or pest infestation.

She's also far from selective where outdoor growing conditions are concerned, with a genetic ancestry that lies in Northern Europe.

Better yet, the plants themselves remain manageable in size throughout the entire cultivation cycle, requiring no additional structural support and little to no pruning. An average flowering time of around 11 weeks may be slightly longer than some comparable strains, but it’s worth remembering that a single top-shelf specimen could produce as much as 20oz of ultra-potent weed.

Even with a considerably more modest indoor yield, it’s not as if you need much 22% THC bud to have the desired effect. The only minor issue with White Amnesia Feminized is the small matter of keeping your plants under wraps. As these babies approach maturity, they begin stinking like Amsterdam’s Red Light District on a busy summer evening.


Under normal circumstances, you’d be right to call a strain like this truly unforgettable. With this kind of potency, however, short-term memory issues are part and parcel of the experience. All adding to the fun and enjoyment of the whole thing, making White Amnesia Feminized one of the best strains money can buy for social situations.

This herb's also got a long list of potential therapeutic applications, quickly getting to work on all types of psychological issues with a 22% THC content. Easy to grow and insanely productive, White Amnesia delivers all you’d expect from a Sativa-heavy hybrid, with the compact stature and cultivation simplicity of a classic Indica.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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